Electric boilers






Electronic temperature controller in 7, 15 or 30 steps


Cable connection box for SB boilers can be mounted optionally on the right or left hand side. Cable feeding from above or from below.


Spare parts for ASEA Per Kure, ABB and Varmeteknikk boilers


Due to variable regulation and control equipment, the boilers offer universal applicability, being adaptable to a wide selection of operations. Modern design as well as small dimensions, are predominantly external features.

SB-boilers are delivered with outputs up to 1200 kW. When bigger outputs are required, two or more boilers can be connected in series or in parallel. Operating temperature is max. 99° C, and max. pressure is 6 / 16 bar.

Varmeteknikk AS exports boilers to most countries in Europe and even Saudi Arabia.

All our boilers are CE-certified by Nemko regarding EMC/LVD.

Element boilers

Varmeteknikk's element boilers are supplied as a complete packages. All necessary
electrical components for heating, control and safety are built into the boilers.
Installation is simplified to compose:
Connection of flow and return pipes
Connection of expansion pipe
Connection of supply cable and control wiring
Earthing of the boiler.


Electric boilers are used for direct supply to central heating installations either alone
or in combination with solid or licuid fuel boilers.
The boilers can also be used for other purposes, e.g. in connection with water heaters,
accumulators, heat exchangers, plywood presses etc.

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