Energy labeling and ecodesign

Requirements for energy related products

Energy labeling and ecodesign

On 26 September 2015, the EU introduced ecodesign requirements for all energy-related products, including electric boilers and heat pumps. This means that products must be labeled with an energy grade. The grade goes from A to G, where A is the best grade and says something about the energy standard of the product or building. 

Products that do not comply with ecodesign requirements can no longer be sold in Norway or the EU. The requirements apply to producers, importers, and traders of products that consume energy. 

The Ecodesign Directive is the EU's instrument for removing the least energy-efficient products from the market. 

Norway is not a member of the EU, but the EEA agreement also applies to Norway. All products that comply with ecodesign requirements must be CE marked. The mark is the manufacturer's guarantee that all relevant directives are complied with.

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Energy labeling according to regulation 811/2013

Energy labeling directive 2010/30 / EU


MB 2035, MB 4035, MB 6035

MB 2045, MB 4045, MB 6045

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