Electric boilers series SB, 450 - 1200 kW

SB 450 - 1200 kW

The largest series of Varmeteknikk's ridgid and reliable element boilers

750-1200 kW are delivered for 3-phase power connection in 3x400 V or 3x690 V, and 450-750 kW in 3x230 V (other boiler dimensions). Other voltages may be delivered on request.

The regulator/controller is very user friendly, and regulates the power in 30 steps.

An optional outdoor sensor is avalable for optimized economical operation. The boiler output temperature is then compensated for the outdoor teperature according to a heat curve.

The boilers have digital and analogue in- and outputs for external control an monitoring, so that they may be visulized and controllerfrom the customers SCADA system. Optionally bus couplers may be delivered preinstalled for MODbus or BACnet communication.
The boilers may normally also be controlled directly from a heat pump.

Varmeteknikk boilers are delivered with standard DN125 - PN16 flanges.



Varmeteknikk AS panel til en av elektrokjelene

Design data

Design pressure6 bar
Design temperature110 °C
Max operational temperature100 °C
Water volume620 l  (310 l for 230 V models)
Min. flow1,3 l/s,  4,7 m3/h
Max flow21 l/s,  75 m3/h

Hydraulic connection

Connection typeFlange DN125 - PN16
Connection side

Right (standard)

Left (option)

Drain and expansion/ventG 2"

Regulation data

Temperature range5 - 100 °C
Regulation steps30
Steptime up1-250 s
Steptime down1-20 s
Regulation typePI 


The boilers may also be delivered with connection box on left side.

This series may also be delivered in a 16 bar version.

Power connection

No. of connection boxes2
Connection side

Right (standard)

Left (option)

No. of cables each box4
No. of terminals each phase4
Cable cross section35 - 240 mm2
Max terminal current

380 A Al - 425 A Cu



Control voltage

Control voltage230 Vac - 50 Hz
Amperage10 A
Internal fuseØ5x20 mm, 10 A


Signals for external control


Control signals 
Start/stopExternal potential free closing contact
Temp. setpoint0-10 Vdc = 0-100 °C
Max step/power0-10 Vdc = 0-30 steps
OperationInternal potential free closing contact
AlarmInternal potential free changeover contact
Setpoint0-10 Vdc = 0-100 °C
Temp.0-10 Vdc = 0-100 °C
Step/power0-10 Vdc = 0-30 steps

SB2450-2600. These 230 V models are for Norwegian deliveries only.

All dimensions in mm.

SB4750-41200, SB6750-61200

All dimensions in mm.

Technical data

TypeNRF no.Power

3 x 230 V

Current (A)

3 x 400 V

Current (A)

3 x 690 V
Current (A)
Net weight
SB 245082053554502 x 565--950
SB 250082053565002 x 628--950
SB 260082053576002 x 753--950
SB 275082053667502 x 941--950
SB 47508205378750-2 x 542-950
SB 48008205379800-2 x 577-950
SB 49008205381900-2 x 650-950
SB 4100082053821000-2 x 722-950
SB 4110082053831100-2 x 794-950
SB 4120082053841200-2 x 866-950
SB 67508205396750--2 x 314950
SB 68008205397800--2 x 335950
SB 69008205398


--2 x 377950
SB 6100082053991000--2 x 418950
SB 6110082054011100--2 x 460950
SB 612082054021200--2 x 502950


Outdoor sensor

Outdoor sensor for temperature compensated heatcurve regulation.
Dim. 60x60x30 mm.
Connection 2-core min. 0,5 mm2. Max length 50 m.


Transfers all the standard digital and analoug signals to desired protocol MODbus TCP, MODbus RTU (RS485) or BACnet IP (different bus couplers).