Service on all kinds of electric boilers

Varmeteknikk AS performs service on all types of electric boilers regardless of manufacturer

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Service on element boilers and high voltage boilers

Regular service on electric boilers is important to avoid unnecessary downtime. In addition to improving the safety of the system, regular maintenance also helps to extend the product lifespan, and thus the cost of the boiler. 

A minor water leak can be difficult to detect and can cause major damage over time. Such injuries can be expensive to correct, but can be prevented and avoided by regular inspection.

We service electric boilers all over the country

Varmeteknikk AS has skilled service technicians who perform service, repair and conversion of all types of electric boilers, both high voltage and low voltage. We are located in Oslo, but deliver our services all over the country.

Fixed annual service agreement

To prevent damage, we recommend an annual service agreement. Contact us for an offer. Call us on +47 23 37 55 00, or send us an inquiry through our contact form.