High voltage and steam boilers from Zander & Ingeström

One of the world's most experienced suppliers of high voltage boilers

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High voltage boilers

For more than 60 years, Zander & Ingeström has held a leading position in the market in the design, construction and manufacture of large and smaller heat and steam production systems. 

With thousands of delivered boilers, Zander & Ingestrøm is the world's most experienced supplier of high-voltage boilers.

Often used as a standby boiler in combination with other forms of energy

The company has long experience and high knowledge in the preparation of solutions for the establishment of heating systems with good and economy-friendly technical functions. Zander & Ingestström's steam boilers and warm/hot water boilers are energy-saving and are often used as a standby boiler in combination with other forms of energy.

Benefits and features of the Zeta boiler from Zander & Ingeström

  • Very high efficiency, availability and accuracy

  • Low capital cost and low maintenance costs

  • Steam quality that meets strict requirements

  • Voltage can be selected between 6 - 20 kV for all models

  • Infinite capacity control from 0 - 100%